I International Symposium on the Black Sea and Caspian Sea Countries.
Building Stability in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea Region

During history Black Sea and Caspian Sea Region went through the turbulences and still has not reached the stability in full sense. In order to secure political and social stability in the region not only the efforts of the regional countries are needed, the whole international system should pay attention to this. In this regard, the implications of the instability in the region should be understood, at the same time, the comprehensive approach to the solution of the issue is important.
Therefore, all the processes contributing to the stability in the region (economic, cultural, trade, touristic, academic etc.) should be developed. We need to control all the developments in the regions. The Symposium calls for effort of all social sciences to intensify their research and implementation in order to secure peace and stability in the region. In other words, the goal of the Symposium is to point out the existing crises in the regions, their reasons and produce the solutions that would secure welfare and stability.

Symposium Languages: Abstracts may be submitted in Turkish, English, or Russian.