Application and full text submission


  • The paper title
  • A short abstract including methodology, main assumptions and conclusions of paper (500 words maximum)
  • Up to 5 keywords should be used
  • Author/participant name(s) and institutional affiliations
  • One paragraph biographical statement of each participant (not a detailed CV) – up to 300 words
  • Author/participant’s e-mail addresses (essential), telephone and fax numbers
  • Any audio-visual equipment requests (if applicable)
NOTE: For applications in Russian and Turkish languages, title, abstract and 5 key words in English are compulsory. 

Application should be sent to


  • The full texts of the presentations will be minimum of 3000 and maximum of 5000 words which include the endnotes and the bibliographies.
  • 2.5 cm blank will be left from right, left and from up and bottom.
  • In the main parts of the article, writing formation will be the Times New Roman with 12 Punto characters, 1.5 cm line space which are fixed from both sides. 
  • Paragraphs will be started with an indent of 1.5 cm.
  • The short title of the article will be added to the left with capital letters.
  • Block quotations will be indented with a tab (1.25 cm.) After the quotations, reference will be needed in the form of source, year and page number respectively.
  • The whole structure is divided into specific parts with an APA style. The main parts will be the abstract, methodology, consequences, argumentation, bibliography and index respectively.


A summary of the article with maximum 150 words will be demanded (Turkish or English depends on the language of whole text). The title should be written as ‘Abstract’ or ‘Özet’. Five keywords in English or Turkish are needed in the beginning of article with an indent of 1.25 cm and with italic characters.

An English summary is obligatory for the Turkish and Russian texts.


  1. Books
  1. Books with single author or editor
For ex: Gümüş, İ. (Ed.). (2017). General Business. İstanbul: İstanbul Gelı̇şı̇m Ünı̇versı̇tesı̇ Press

  1. Books with two or more authors or editors 
For ex: Köten, E., Erdoğan, B. (2014). Disable Youngs, Social Exclusion and Internet. İstanbul: İstanbul Gelı̇şı̇m Ünı̇versı̇tesı̇ Press

  1. Passage from a Compilation
For ex: Sayan, S. (2002). World Economy and Turkey: Globalization, Liberalization and Crisis. Sustainable Development of Local Economies and the Çanakkale Case (p. 33.) Ankara: Turkish Economy Institution.

  1. Articles 
  1. For the Journal Articles:
For ex: Özden, K., Erdoğdu, D. & Gül, S. (2017, Oct). A Case Study for Understanding the Strategies of Production Administration and the Application of Policies. The Journal of Social Studies of İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi, Vol. 4 (2), 23-50. doi:10.17336/igusbd.348761

  1. Other Sources
  1. Internet Sources
For ex: Supreme Educational Institution (YÖK). (10.01.2018). The Opportunities of Overseas Education for the Academics. Accessed: 15.01.2018, disi-imkani.